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Our first Polka DOT class will be on
April 2nd from 9:30-10:15 AM. 

Each class includes the following:

45 minutes of interactive class time in a group setting with your little one, with a strong focus on early learning skills in all major areas of development!

Free 30 minutes of play time for you and your child immediately following each class to practice skills and allow for exploratory play.

Polka DOT Key Objectives:

Learning to walk and climb
Recognizing named pictures
Identifying body parts
Playing social games

While this class is designed with ages 12-18 months in mind, we understand that each child develops skills at a different age. We encourage you to try a free class and see if it is a good fit for you!

Cost: $85 per month

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Coming SPRING 2021 

ClubHouse is offering movement and language based classes that focus on your little one's development. 

ClubHouse PlayGym Classes

Our classes are designed with your child in mind! Developed by pediatric developmental therapists, our fun and interactive classes focus on the core skills needed for achieving and excelling in all major areas of early development! Classes are backed with the latest research in reflex integration, motor development, and language acquisition. Clubhouse classes are provided in a clean, family-centered environment where your child will be able to explore and practice a variety of skills. 

Find the Right Class for You!

Little SPOTS

You will be directed in how to cuddle, talk to, move, and play with your baby during natural interactions with this rewarding targeted movement class. 

Polka DOTS

This fun class will help you begin to see your litle one's adventuring personality. You will be coached in helping your child explore and play in their environment.


This exciting class allows increased opportunities for participation and social interactions. You will learn how to empower your child's coordination.

Sensory BOTS

This targeted movement class will focus upon sensory motor movements and reflex integration activities combined with music, singing, climbing, jumping, and running. 

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